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Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Dr. Ida Rolf

The Classic Rolf Method of Structural Integration (SI) was first coined by Dr. Ida Rolf in the early 70s. It has its roots in Osteopathy, Eastern Yoga and the Human Potential Movement. Today, practitioners of this science and healing art utilize her 10 session  “recipe” as their guiding light; Achieving the ultimate goal of balanced function and order of the human body in relationship to the gravity field.  It is a naturally, biological system of creating  improved order of  basic anatomical functions through movement and safe touch. It is to  be accomplished in 10 consecutive sessions. We systematically build upon each previous session to assist the restoration of the full human potential. We center the body around what we refer to as the transcendental center line or the force of gravity on the body. Not all methods of Structural Integration, myofascial release or even "Rolfing" use Dr. Rolf’s strategy of the classic recipe any longer. This time tested process  is well known to have powerful, life changing results. Together, we work to guide the fascia, bones, and nerves of your body to a higher degree of function alignment. This work takes commitment of 10 sessions and post integration time, as well as possible follow up sessions. You will gain understanding, better embodiment and new awareness, while learning movement skills to help you maintain your body and live a more free life. Structural Integration is appropriate for all stages of life from babies to senior citizens and most conditions. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation and find out if Structural Integration is right for you. I love this work and it  has changed my life, I trust that it can change yours too!

Session Description

Structural Integration is a process, it takes time and commitment. Though the benefits are worth it. A typical session will look something like this; I will take some time to look at how your body moves and function while we discuss how you are feeling, what your needs and hopes are. We will discuss what functions we can improve and we will surmise a plan on how to proceed,  We may take  before and after photos.  For treatment, I will ask you to lay on a low table.  I will use gentle but firm physical pressure,  while we guide the tissue into its proper place while I ask  you to make slow, directed movements. This will help to free layers of fascia and release deeply held postural patterns in the body . New movement will help create  better function and new order. You will learn new ways use your body, and how move better. Although I always strive to offer a painless experience, there may be moments that may be mildly uncomfortable; moments that lead way to relief with movement and breath. The most important thing to understand is that we are a team, working together to help your body become more balanced. Structural Integration does not have to be scary or painful, but it is a unique sensation. That has lasting effects and your body and mind, it will continue to integrate and evolve after your ten series is complete. Follow up sessions are often appreciated by clients.  Please arrive clean and with "viewing clothes" that is a  two piece swim suit or underwear for women and either briefs or flexible boxers for men. This process is suitable for all ages and most conditions. Aloha!