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Rolf Method of Structural Integration

About Jill

Jill brings 20 years of experience to her bodywork practice. She first became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1998 after training in Swedish, deep tissue and lomi Lomi massage in Kapaa, Hawaii. She has a background as a CNA in the Holistic Medical feild doing Therapeutic Massage; specializing deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, visceral release, colon hydrotherapy, and Ayurvedic tissue cleansing. She holds additional certificates in cranial sacral and other somatic practices. She started studying Structural Integration in 2008 after her first 10 series as a model in the school. In 2012 she began her training at The Rolf Guild for Structural Integration with Emmett Hutchins, Amber Burham and Jason Esterly. In 2016 she completed her Advanced Training at GSI with Emmett Hutchins and Neal Powers. She plans to keep studying the power of the Classic 10 series and loves watching miracles unfold!

Emmett Hutchins and Jill Richardson Valentines Class 2016

Our Teacher Emmett

I was blessed to sit with Emmet in 8 trainings from 2012- 2017; Including his last two advanced trainings on Kauai. He was Dr. Rolf's first appointed teacher and he devoted his life to "giving meaning to the recipe" while training 1000's of students from all over the globe. He touched and changed countless lives with his teachings of the Recipe, the touch of his hands, mesmerizing lectures, and depth of being. He instilled in us a fervor for self improvement, through our practice and work; empowering the people we can get our hands on to become more fully embodied and alive. Mahalo Ke Akua for 

Emmett Wayne Hutchins 

September 30th 1934 - June 27th 2016


We found Jill with the help of Yelp while on a 5 week hiatus. She is truly a healer! I am an Occupational Therapist who sustained a fracture in my spine. It had been 5 month of pain then an additional 6 weeks of more pain and wearing a back brace.  I was hoping to get some help with my pain levels and spine stiffness when signing up for the 10 session. I found it to be incredible helpful in restoring my normal movement and alleviate the pain that I had in my back. Jill has an amazing intuition when working on the body. She is and excellent communicator, and I always felt safe and trusting of her touch. 10 Months later I still feel the effects and I am better than ever! Joyce

Jill is seriously amazing!!! Her knowledge of how the body works and her ability to apply it are phenomenal! Because of Jill, I am walking straighter, longer, lighter, and easier! My body is finally correcting long patterns of habitual incorrect and poor movement patterns as a result of Jill working her magic on me. I highly recommend Jill!!!  

Dr. Janine Holstine

I had a sciatica attack two years ago which completely changed my life. I was in constant pain,Had chromic numbness in my left leg and foot and lost my active lifestyle.  I had tried several things to help but couldn't find anything to relieve the pain. I had heard about Rolfing and was apprehensive since I didn't really understand how it worked.  But, the pain and my deteriorating health forced me to give it a try. After the first session I felt immediate changes in my body and my pain level. I had no problem keeping every appointment for my 10 series since I knew it was so effective.  I do not suffer any more and I am able to return to exercising.  I am still taking it easy but slowly building back to a normal lifestyle.  I will definitely make rolfing a part of my forever life.  Thanks Jill, you're the best, I am very grateful to have found her. Jeanne Y

Jill Richardson’s hands work pure magic.  Her blend of skill, intuition and  healing touch combine to bring the body greater ease through unwinding  dysfunctional patterns and realigning bone structure.  The 10 series was  both intense and profound to experience.  Even after the 2nd session, I  could feel my body move and stand differently.  I will be forever  grateful for the opportunity to have Jill do body work for me.”  Laura Schronen

Jill is an intuitive and gifted  body worker.  Her love of health and dedication to supporting the body  to heal itself makes her an excellent professional to have on your  health and wellness team.”   Michelle H.

Jill’s  deep  well of experience, extensive knowledge of the human body & on  point intuition make her an incredible bodyworker!  Her ability to  locate & treat problem areas is kind of magical…every  stroke feels completely right! As and a yoga instructor and a person who  takes very good care of her body, receiving massage from Jill is still a  necessary and effective addition to my ongoing health and happiness.” ~Kelli Ranke, Kauai, HI

Jill Richardson is a master body worker. Her intuitive awareness is an amazing gift. She combines massage  therapy and Rolfing skills that create an intelligent bodywork session  that allows the body to release, realign and heal. She can link together  areas of the body that may not be obvious to anyone else. Her presence  provides a safe environment where a person can relax and experience  their body in a deeper way. For years, I struggled with being able to  keep myself standing upright with ease. After a few Rolfing sessions  with Jill, I found my center line and am now able to stand straight with  less effort..”  Lori Potter

I love recommending such a strong  and intuitive woman like Jill.  I appreciate her multi-faceted healing  knowledge;  From her bodywork and Rolfing background as well her  experience with, herbs, diet, cleansing other modalities too: she is a  very well rounded and skilled practitioner. I’m so grateful she’s out there, not only to help me but my clients too!”  Laura Michelle  

I am so grateful I have found Jill, The 10 series helped to elongate my torso and thus allowed me to walk straighter, helping to  align my feet as well as relieve the pain I was having in them. I would highly recommend her!!!  Thank you Jill for your healing touch!!!”  Jennifer Alan

"Gravity is the therapist" Dr. Ida Rolf

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